The Tools Needed To Navigate

Family Caregiving

Having helped over 4,400 Family Caregivers I know the missing link:

Connection to the Resources within Reach and a Sustainable Self Care Practice..

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Christie Freeze has been in Eldercare for 10 years and has helped over 4,400 families make tough decisions regarding care for their loved ones. After realizing that Caregivers needed more than what was offered in traditional support groups, she branched out on her own to establish a new system for overwhelmed and exhausted caregivers.

CAREbyChristie is a tried and tested 2-step system guaranteed to connect Family Caregivers to the resources and support they need while equipping them with practical tools to reduce overwhelm and burnout in their Family Caregiver role.

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Roadmap for Eldercare

Roadmap for Eldercare- The A-Z Guide to kick-start your Eldercare Journey.
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